Heating & AC Repair Services

AC/DC Appliance Repair offers heating and air conditioner repair services and maintenance. Our AC and heating repair service includes everything from repairs, replacement, tune-ups, and maintenance. In addition to fixing the issue, we offer regular appliance maintenance for your HVAC system to keep everything working its best while helping you avoid future problems or expenses. Call 202-766-0160 and let us know what you need. We’re happy to provide a free estimate on any of your repair service needs.

Heating Repair
Heating Repair, Furnace Repair

Our heating repair service is just the thing you need to get your heat back or keep it working before it breaks. Our certified technicians are qualified and ready to diagnose your furnace problem and provide a fix. We offer free quotes and same-day service to make sure your job gets done fast. All our work is warrantied, so you can have the peace of mind knowing that our heating repair is guaranteed. Give us a call at 202-766-0160 to get your furnace fixed today!

Furnace Tune-up & Maintenance
Heating Maintenance & Tune-Up

Prevent problems and save money on larger repairs with regular heater tune-ups and maintenance. Most modern furnaces will have sensors that need to be calibrated and cleaned from time to time. Our technicians can spot issue and prevent larger problems that lead to furnace breakdowns when you need your heat the most. Just like an automobile, regular heating maintenance will go a long way to extending the life and efficiency of your furnace.

Heating Installation
Heating Installation

Let AC/DC Appliance Repair install your furnace or general HVAC system. We offer a variety of brand new furnaces that are energy efficient and will save you money on your energy costs. Our heating installation service includes common size filters that you can easily find and replace yourself. All our metal work is customized to fit existing ducts with seal gaps where needed. We also upgrade your glue and gas lines so you get the most out of your new heating installation.

AC Repair

Our air conditioning repair service pros know that your patience goes down as temperatures rise. This is why we offer same-day service. We can help you, your children, and pets get a cooling comfort back quickly. We offer coupons and specials, so ask us about our current deals to get the most out of your repairs. Need AC repair now? Call 202-766-0160 and we’ll be there fast.

A/C Services & Maintenance

Regular air conditioner maintenance will extend the life of your A/C unit and save you money on costly repairs. It will even help your current system run better right now. Before your air conditioner develops problems, let us help you prevent them with regular servicing. Just like a car, big problems and even minor issues can be avoided so you don’t have a break down when you can’t afford the problem or the cost.

Air Conditioning Installation

If your current unit is beyond maintenance or repair, let us help your new air conditioning installation. Our certified technicians will help you pick an A/C unit that’s right for both your home and budget. We’ll take all your needs into account – cooling requirements, energy costs, and even future considerations like home add-ons and renovations you might have planned. And we’ll fit everything to your current duct work.

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